Bruxism/Teeth Grinding

Bruxism refers to a condition where a patient clenches or grinds his or her teeth. This condition can also affect adults and children and can occur during day or night.

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding

When you clench your teeth, you end up putting unnecessary pressure on structures around the jaw. Over time, this can lead to severe loss of tooth structure.

Bruxism and Teeth Grinding

Children and Bruxism

Some children might grind their teeth because of alignment problems with their top and bottom teeth. Others take to it as a response to pain from earaches and teething. For example, some children grind their teeth because of airway problems, which requires specialist management. However, many children outgrow the common causes associated with paediatric grinding.

Signs and symptoms

Bruxism may include:

The treatment of Bruxism involves wearing a custom made occlusal splint which we make for you. Besides, occlusal splints are also necessary for protecting teeth which have large fillings or crowns.​

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