An Overview of Dental Implants


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that supports a prosthetic tooth or bridge.

In dentistry, a dental implant is known as a root-form endosseous implant. A dental implant looks like a root of a tooth or a group of teeth and placed or drilled into the bone of the jaws. The most commonly used dental implants are made of zirconia and titanium and its alloys. These are customized to the needs of the patient and selected accordingly after the assessment is done in the mouth.  Dental implants are either endosteal implants, which are placed in the bone, or subperiosteal implants, which are placed on the bone, when the amount of bone present is less than adequate. All on 4 and implant overdentures are other options for people who have lost their teeth and do not want to use the conventional dentures. Implants are placed in the suitable position and dentures are made to fit these implants, providing better stability and fit and improving the chewing ability.

An implant's success is ultimately determined by how much bone remains after teeth have been extracted or lost. As a result, starting the implant process with a consultation is a crucial step.

Types of Dental Implants

Different shapes of dental implants are available depending on patients’ needs, including external, internal octagons and  hexagons and sizes that range from standard to narrow to mini. Implants consist of three basic parts , the root form, abutment and crown.The root form is drilled into the bone, the abutment provides the base on which the crown sits. Dental implants are a titanium false anchor or root that can replace missing or lost teeth. After the implant is surgically attached to the jaw, the osseointegration or bone fusion takes 90 to 120 days, including the healing time.

Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant procedure involves two important stages.  The dentist inserts a metal screw into the jaw bone during the first stage of the dental implant procedure. As the screw is placed inside the jaw bone, it cannot be seen. The abutment placed on top of the screw will be visible. An abutment is covered by a temporary cover by the dentist if the dental implant is visible when the patient  smiles or laughs.

In the second stage, the implant is checked for its stability. It needs to be firmly sitting and adapted well  in the  the jaw bone before the restoration can take place. The cover screw is removed and an abutment is placed over the implant . An impression of the same is made to make the prosthesis, in the lab. Over this abutment, the dentist will place a crown  or prosthesis,that would match the colour of the  adjacent teeth.

An implant can be part of a bridge, crown, or can be the foundation for a complete set of dentures, depending on the needs of the patient. A successful dental implant procedure usually takes 9 to 12 months.

Candidates for Dental Implants

Some patients lack enough bone in the jaw to support an implant because of resorption. Dentistry’s latest technology and innovation allows dentists to create and implant man-made bone for successful integration of these devices. Dental implants are an excellent option for people with dentures since they provide a solid foundation without further bone loss. 

Some patients are not suitable candidates for dental implants due to certain conditions that prevent successful integration of the  implants. Chronic bruxism or teeth grinding, poor oral hygiene, smoking, too much alcohol consumption, and diabetes all contribute to the condition. However, these are not absolute contraindications.

Improves Your Smile and Self-confidence.

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants can greatly improve a person’s smile and self-confidence. Patients who have lost only a few teeth have the advantage of regaining the original shape of their mouth.  A lot of planning goes into the placing of an implant.X-rays, dental castings, and measurements are made and studied to determine whether a patient needs dental implants.

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