Surprising causes of white spots on teeth

White Spots on Teeth

Spots on the teeth affect cosmetic appearance

Have you noticed any white spots on your teeth? Do you worry about discolorations on your teeth? Everyone loves to have white, shining teeth and that million dollar smile. Having spots on teeth is not only unattractive but also unhealthy due to a variety of reasons. The first thing you should do if you notice white spots on your teeth is to visit your dentist.

It is possible to remineralize, strengthen, and restore or fill these teeth. It is possible to remineralize using gels and prevent cavities, with xylitol. If you notice spots on your teeth, it’s due to decalcification. This occurs when the process of remineralization is interrupted.

Consult a dentist to find out the reason for the white spots on the teeth, even though this may not be serious.

Why do teeth develop white spots?

There are several reasons for white spots on the teeth, including:

Poor oral hygiene: Plaque accumulates when you neglect oral hygiene. Bacteria feed on plaque if the teeth are not brushed and flossed regularly. Thus, white spots occur as a result of acid corroding or wearing away enamel.

Dental braces: Spots can appear on teeth when people with braces neglect oral hygiene. Having braces makes brushing difficult due to plaque building up in hard-to-reach places in the mouth. As a result, white spots may appear. Flossing is a good way to prevent white specks on teeth.

Dry Mouth: Often, lack of saliva is the cause of dry mouth, which affects the pH levels in the mouth. As a result, bacteria will grow and acid will be produced by the bacteria, which results in white spots on the teeth.

Ingestion of Acidic Foods: Acidic food can cause white spots on teeth. For example, soda, lemonade, vinegar, sour candy, and lemons can cause white spots on teeth.

Dietary deficiencies: A lack of minerals and calcium can result in hypo calcification of the teeth. In these cases,  spots develop on the teeth, which is called hypoplastic or hypomineralised teeth.

Fluorosis: White spots on the teeth are caused by this condition. Children suffer from fluorosis when they consume too much fluoride before their teeth are fully developed. As a result, white specks can appear on their teeth.

Other Causes: High fevers, medications, smoking while pregnant, and nutritional deficiencies can also cause white dots on the teeth.

The treatment for removing white spots

The treatment for removing white spots on the teeth varies depending on the patient’s health and the severity of the spots. Among the treatments available are bleaching or whitening of the teeth, enamel micro abrasion, topical fluoride, and dental veneers.

Preventive Care

Because enamel hypoplasia can result in dental damage, it is critical to practice preventive care, such as practicing good oral hygiene, using the right amount of toothpaste, and consuming fewer sugary and acidic foods. Additionally, preventive measures include eating foods which are rich in vitamins and consulting a dentist regularly.

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