5 watch-outs for your teeth during pregnancy

5 watch-outs for your teeth during pregnancy

While mums-to-be are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of their bodies during pregnancy, they may not know about the effects that pregnancy can have on their teeth and gums. Think cavities, damaged tooth enamel, and even periodontal disease.

While the old wives’ tale ‘gain a child, lose a tooth’ is probably a bit of a stretch, there is a link between pregnancy and dental problems.

Leading Australian dentist and Oral-B consultant, Clinical Associate Professor Matt Hopcraft shares some of the biggest concerns mums-to-be should look out for, and tips on how to maintain good oral health during pregnancy.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is most common during the first trimester of pregnancy and can increase the levels of acidity in your mouth, resulting in erosion of the tooth enamel.

Rather than brushing your teeth immediately after an episode of morning sickness, rinse your mouth with water first. This will give your saliva time to neutralise the acidic effects, and then brush your teeth around 60 minutes later.

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