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To provide affordable, high quality, family-oriented dental care.

A beautiful smile is not only attractive but is also a great boost to your mental and physical health. And that smile is enhanced by your dental care provider. Keeping your oral health in perfect condition requires an on-going relationship with your dentist. Just like family physicians play an important role in our general health, so do family dentists. Hence, choosing a family dentist is important. Also, to identify the right dentist who not only will look after your family’s dental requirements, but has a philosophy and values that match your own. 

The right dental practice has dentists that are skilled, experienced, caring and have your interests at heart.

Building a long-term relationship with your dentist

As patients, the first thing that one looks for in a dental clinic is experienced and professional staff, empathetic dentists and a caring environment. There are more factors that influence one’s decision making about the right dental clinic:

  1. Comprehensive range of services: This will save you time, money and reduce the necessity to go to several experts located at different places.
  2. Latest dental technology: Dentists who are constantly exploring latest technology. Also, they keep themselves current in terms of medical knowledge, techniques and procedures. Our dentists offer better patient care and put your needs at the forefront. Besides, they constantly strive to make the experience as stress-free and less-invasive as possible.
  3. Comprehensive and customised care for all ages – from infants to the elderly: The dentist is aware of what you need, both short term and long term.
  4. Location: A dental clinic that is easily accessible, offers convenient times and is affordable.
  5. Patient care: A dentist who values a long-term relationship with the patient through getting to know about the patient’s background and is willing to listen patiently. If there is a dental emergency, the clinic should be able to respond immediately.

The key to choosing a good family dentist

The key to a good dental practice is one that puts your comfort and safety first, is caring and compassionate.

At Brite Dental Group, we are all the above and more. Our dentists and support team do our best to look after you right from the time you make your first appointment to the completion of treatment and after service care. We specialize in advanced diagnostics and state of the art technology in the treatment of dental issues. Thus, Brite Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental care, surgical procedures and cosmetic dental services.

We promise you a calm environment combined with the latest technology! Our topmost priority is your comfort. We take the time to listen to you, discuss with you and offer options that are customized to your needs.

Our team understands that a dental visit is not something most people look forward to. So, we try really hard to make the process easy to understand, stress free and as comfortable as possible for you. Our emphasis is on not only preventing oral disease, but also in proving gentle dental care and happy smiles.

Teeth whitening can be done in two ways:

  1. By removing the tooth stains on the outer layer of the tooth as well as below the enamel surface: Dentists use both chemical and physical actions such as abrasion and chemical stain disruption to remove stains. We use bleaching, a chemical process in which stubborn stains that accumulate below the enamel, are removed by oxidation of stain molecules. Whitening methods will depend on how white you want your smile to be.

  2. By preventing the generation of new stains: Through nutrition and diet and good oral hygiene.

The procedure:

Our dental team will explain the diagnosis and based on your requirements will start the treatment. Our dental professional will apply the bleaching solution directly to your teeth and then use either a laser or any other specialized equipment to speed up the bleaching process. Usually, you will see the results after one treatment, but you may on consultation with the dentist opt for more sessions. You may feel a little sensitivity in your teeth and gums after the procedure which resolves very quickly. A bleaching treatment usually takes 30 to 60 minutes.

How long the benefits of the whitening treatment last depends on your lifestyle and habits. Our team will advise you on the post whitening oral hygiene that you need to maintain at home.

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